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LCD Displays (Personal Computers)

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4S Technology
Aplex - Manufacturer and exporter of Industrial PCs including Panel PCs, Human Machine interface (HMI) Products, Workstations, Display Monitors, Single Board Computers, Engine Boxes, and other related products.
Bipom Electronics
Caltron Industries - Caltron has been a supplier of touch screen and digital signage LCD monitors in the North America since 1997. Caltron offers a complete line of touchscreens, digital signage player and monitor, open frame LCD monitors, digital sign, video LCD kits, and high brightness LCD monitors for electronic signage, gaming, medical imaging, kiosk, hospitality, and other commercial and industrial applications. Caltron's reliable and cost effective LCD display solutions provide system integrators and value-ad
IDTech - International Display Technology, or IDTech was created by Taiwan's Chi Mei Group and IBM Japan. IDTech's mission is to develop and manufacture large-screen, high-resolution TFT-LCDs of unsurpassed precision and quality, using state-of-the-art production systems.
Landmark Technology - Landmark Technology specializes in all areas of Liquid Crystal Display technologies. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Sun Lu, Landmark manufactures high brightness LCD Modules, inverters and open frame display units. Our very high brightness (VHB) LCD Modules deliver a radically higher level of screen brightness, resulting in unparalleled picture sharpness and vividness, both indoors and outdoors. Through strong partnerships, Landmark has created innovations in backlight technology to develop products tha
LITEMAX - LITEMAX was founded with very mature VHB (Very High Brightness) backlight and LCD display technology (800nits-2000nits). Core technology from founders has dominated the VHB backlight and LCD display field in U.S.A since 1993. It is highly recommended by special feature LCD backlight customers such as Sharp, NEC, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips and Samsung.