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1080-845 - 8.4 inch TFT 150nit SVGA LCD NEMA 4/12 Front Bezel Build-in NS Geode GX1-233 Processor Resistive Type of Touch Screen Optional 2 x Type PCMCIA Expansion Slots Industrial PANEL Computer

AX61120TP/X150P - 1U Industrial chassis, with two front removable HDD with Backplane and ATX 150W power supply w/ PFC

AX61227TM/6S/E460P - 2U rackmount Chassis, with 6SCA removable drives, EPS/ATX 460W power supply with PFC

AX61490TB/RX400 - 4U 20-slot Chassis (no Backplane), with 400Watt ATX HRP PS

AX61490TB/X400R/ATX6022-20G - 4u 20 slot chassis, 400 w redundant powersupply, with 20 slot 12 pci backplane

DASP-52032 - The DASP-52032 interface board has 16 isolated digital inputs and 16 relay outputs designed for controls and sensing applications. It provides 16 electromechanical relay outputs and 16 optically isolated inputs, connecting thru a 68-pin SCSI-II connector.

EM-1611S-AC70 - 1U Embedded MicroBox for 3.5 inch SBC, 70Watt PS

FW100V - Compact Network Security Platform with Eden 400MHz CPU, 4 x LAN

NA-1281A - Value Network Security Platform with Pentium. III CPU, 10 x LAN(2xGigabit, 8x10/100Mbps), Safenet SXL-1141.

NAS104-WSS/1000 - NAS-104, 1U Extendable Storage Device, windows version with 1000gb storage

NAS104BDGE - 1U NAS Extendable Storage Device with Centralized Management for Linux Build.

P5150-675-1G - Open frame 15 inch TFT High Brightness Industrial Panel PC, with 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 40GB hard drive, with resistive touch screen

PANEL1123-370X1-R - PANEL1123-370X1-R

PANEL2150S-071 - 15inch Ultra slim panel computer

PANEL5123-370GCP - 12.1 inch TFT Open Frame Industrial Panel PC.

PANEL5150-370-X1-XC - 15inch TFT Pentium 3 or celeron Open Frame High Brightness Industrial PANEL Computer, Resistive type of touch screen,Slim Type of CD-ROM

PCI1-B - 1xPCI 64 Bit Riser Card

SBC8156 - SBC

SBC8168VE-B4 - Socket 370 SBC with VGA/LAN

SBC81821VE - Socket 478 SBC with DDR/CRT/LCD/Single LAN

SBC8233 - 386 SBC with CRT/LCD, 10Base Ethernet and 4 x Serial Ports

SBC82610 - SBC82610, Eden/C3 ISA CPU Card with DOC

SBC83672V4ER-8 - Low Power 800MHz, 128MB SDRAM Emd. SBC with VGA/Quad LAN

SBC84600VE-800 - Low Power 800MHz Embedded SBC with CRT/LCD/LAN/Audio

VTC8481 - VTC8481

VTC9309 - VTC9309

VTC9312 - VTC9312