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UNGER Parts List

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12979 - Golden Clip Brass Squeegee, Size 18 Inches, Complete Traditional, With Channel End Clips
BBRHR - Replacement Brush Heads, For Use With 5PE64, Package Quantity 2
BBWHR - Bowl Brush, Handle Type Plastic, Brush Length 26 In, Brush Size 3 1/2 Dia, Bristle Color Red, Trim Length 7/8 In, Includes Handle
FP900 - Heavy Duty Squeegee, Length 36 Inches, Blade Straight, With EPDM Black Rubber
FR110 - Glass Cleaner, Concentrated Gel, Container Size 1 Qt, Recommended Dilution 1:1, Cleans Windows or Any Glass Surfaces
MC18 - 18" Window Scrubber Holds 20% More Water Than Our Standard
MDSC0 - Medium Duty Scraper, Length 60 Inches, 6 Inch Angled Zinc Alloy Head
PFD7G - Overhead Flat Duster, Flexible Head, Material Polypropylene Plastic Handle, Length 30 Inches, With Microfiber Sleeve And 3 Disposable Electrostatic Sleeves
PL100 - Glass Cleaner, Concentrated Pill, Recommended Dilution 1:1.5, Cleans Windows or Any Glass Surfaces, Package 10
PM05W - Microfiber Cloth Sleeve, For Flat Duster 4GU50, Length 25 Inches, Package 5
PS10W - Electrostatic Disposable Sleeve, For Flat Duster 4GU50, Material Non-Woven Polypropylene, Length 25 Inches, Package 10
QB220 - Cleaning Bucket, Length 18 Inches, 6 Gallons, 10 Inches Depth, Heavy Duty Polyethylene
TRS0 - Window Cleaning Kit, With 12 Tools, Case, For Windows, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Bathrooms
VP450 - Squeegee/Washer, Size 18 Inches, Two Tools in One, Works 20% Faster
WALB0 - Duster Brush, Horse Hair, Cleans Fans/Hard to Reach Areas
WC35U - Window Washer, Size 14 Inches, Applies Liquid on Glass, Washable
WC45U - Window Washer, Size 18 Inches, Applies Liquid on Glass, Washable
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