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10-102 - Cable, 50 PR RND 4' 68 pin mini
10-204 - Cable, 50 PR RND 4' 68 pin mini
200-2 - PCI host card for SBS 32-bit PCI expansion systems
200-2A - Remote Power-up PCI host card is used only with any SBS 32-bit Remote Power-up backplane controller card and backplane or rack-mount enclosure.
210-2A - 210-2A is a remote power-up PCI backplane controller card for use with SBS remote power-up host card and backplane or rackmount enclosure for PCI expansion.
610-005-000906 - 610-005-000906
CA3 - A CompactPCI Single Board Computer (SBC) with an Intel Celeron 650 MHz Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor in a convection cooled 3U form factor. The CA3 is designed for embedded processing applications using PCI-based 32-bit architecture. The CA3 includes 256 MB of SDRAM and 512 KB of boot flash. For increased flexibility, the CA3 includes two RS-232 serial ports, two USB ports, a parallel port, front-panel PS/2 keyboard and mouse port, floppy drive interface, and an UltraDMA33 ATA interface for attaching a IDE hard drive or flash disk. The CA3 also includes two fast Ethernet ports for network accessibility through the front panel or rear I/O.
CP-6212 - CP-6212
CUCA-12-2F-32M-80 - CUCA-12-2F-32M-80
CUCA-8-2F-32M-80 - CUCA-8-2F-32M-80
IP-488-LOT - IP-488 to stock for 02-904-140-00-A.
PMC-3101 - PMC-3101
SeaLINK+485 - USB to RS-422, RS-485, RS-530 Serial Interface Adapter
TM 682 - TM 682
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