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MADELL Parts List

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3710 - New Madell 3710A 0-360V/150W Electronic Load
3711A - New Madell 3711A 0-360V/300W Electronic Load
8502 - New Madell 8502 Hot Air Rework Station
850D - New Madell 850D Hot Air Rework Station
AE-3088 - New Madell Semi Automatic Stencil Printer AE-3088
AE-R330 - New Madell AE-R330 Tabletop IR+Convection Reflow Oven
AS-5001 - New Madell Mini Automatic Reflow Oven AS-5001
AT8305 - New Madell AT8305
AZ-350H - Madell AZ530-H High Impedance Probe
AZ-530M - Madell AZ530-M Magnetic Field Probe
AZ530-E - Madell AZ530-E E Field Monopole Probe
BC2000 - New Madell BC2000 Motorized SMD Components Counter
BGA Rework System - New Madell High Precision BGA Rework System
BGA3000 - New Madell BGA300 BGA Rework System
CA1640P - Madell CA1640P 20 Mhz Function Generator
CA4810A - Madell CA4810A Curve Tracer
CA8016 - New Madell CA8016 10 Mhz 1 Channel Oscilloscope
FC-2700 - New Madell FC-2700 2.7 Ghz Frequency Counter
Flux Pot - New Madell Bubble Flux Pot
GAM 850 - New Madell GAM 850 BGA Split Vision Rework Station
HG450 - New Madell HG450 SMT Repair Station
JF-100 - New Madell Lead Trimmer/Former
NTScope-2200 - Madell 2 Channel 100 Mhz Network Oscilloscope
PCB Machine - New Madell Tabletop PCB Machine
Pick and Place - Tabletop Automatic Pick and Place Machine
QK-IR2005 and QK-PL2005 Combo - New Madell QK-IR2005 and QK-PL2005 Combo BGA Repair System
QK5020 - New Madell QK5020 20 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope
QK5040 - New Madell QK5040 40 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope
QK982B - New Madell QK982B Solder Paste Dispenser
Reflow Oven - New Madell Medium Sized Infrared or Hot Air Reflow Ovens
SMD-2004A - New Madell Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMD-2004A
SMD-IR BGA - New Madell SMD-IR BGA Repair Station
SMD-TP-V - New Madell Manual Pick and Place Machine SMD-TP-V
Solder Pot - New Madell Programmable Solder Pot
Split Vision - New Madell Split Vision System
STP350 - New Madell High Precision Manual Stencil Printer STP-350
T100A - New Madell Desktop Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven T100A
WY32020 - Madell WY32020 20 Mhz Arbitrary Function Generator
WY5418 - Madell WY5418 Multiformat TV Signal Generator
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