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ECU32 - Lauterbach ECU32 universal in-circuit emulator controller
HA120 - Lauterbach HA120 analyzer module for the trace32 ice
ICE 12 - Lauterbach ICE 12 motorola 68HC12 in-circuit emulator controller
ICE-166 - Lauterbach ICE-166 C166 family in-circuit emulator module
PowerIntegrator - PC-based type, 204 channels, 200 MHz max. state speed with 500 MHz max. timing speed
PowerProbe - Module type, 64 channels, 100 MHz max. state speed, 400 MHz max. timing speed with 128K /256K frames memory depth
SCU32 - Lauterbach SCU32 system controller module for the trace32
SRAM -1M/16 - Lauterbach SRAM static ram module for the trace32 ice
Trace32 - Lauterbach Trace32 ice configurable in-circuit emulator system
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