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HAMEG Parts List

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HM8021 - Counter 1GHz
HM8030 - Function Generator
HM8050 - Blank Module
HM8122 - Counter
8001-2 - Calibration, Mainframe
HM1004-3 - Hameg HM1004-3 2 Ch. 100 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, dual timebase, Readout/Cursor, 2 X 100 MHz
HM1005 - 3 channel internal 1kHz/1MHz calibrator delay time base
HM1508 - Hameg HM1508 150 MHz 2+2 Channel Mixed Signal CombiScope, 1GSa/s, 1MPts per channel Readout Cursor, Frequency Counter and RS232
HM2005 - Hameg HM2005 2 Ch. 200 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, dual timebase, Readout/Cursor, 2 X 200 MHz
HM3036 - Hameg HM303-6 2 Ch. 35 MHz Analog Oscilloscope w/Component Tester, 2 X 35 MHz
HM5012-2 - 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
HM504 - Hameg HM504 Analog Oscilloscope w/Autoset, Readout and Cursor
HM507 - Hameg HM507 Analog/Digital Oscilloscope with Autoset, Readout and Cursor, 2 X 50 MHz
HM5510 - Spectrum Analyzer, 1 GHz Max, Portable
HM6050 - LISN (EMC)
HM60502 - Hameg HM6050-2 Line Impedance Stabilization Network
HM7042-5 - PSU, BENCH 3O/P EUROPSU, BENCH 3O/P EURO Voltage, output max:33V Power rating:250W Length / Height, external:90mm Width, external:285mm Depth, external:389mm
HM70425 - Hameg HM7042-5 Triple Power Supply, 2X32V/2A and 2.7-5.5V/5A
HM7042EU - PSU, BENCH 3O/P EUROPSU, BENCH 3O/P EURO Voltage, output max:33V Power rating:250W Length / Height, external:90mm Width, external:285mm Depth, external:389mm RoHS Compliant: Yes
HM7044 - Power Supply (DC), 32 VDC Max, 3 ADC Max, Triple, 384 W Max
HM7044.. - PSU, BENCH PROGRAMMABLEPSU, BENCH PROGRAMMABLE Voltage, output max:128V Current, output:12A Power rating:384W Voltage, supply:240V Voltage, output:128V Length / Height, external:125mm Width, external:285mm Depth,
HM800 - Hameg HM800 Blank Modular
HM80012 - Hameg HM8001-2 Mainframe with Power Supply for Two Modulars
HM8012 - Hameg HM8012 DMM Module
HM8018 - Hameg HM8018 LC Meter
HM8018... - L-C METERL-C METER Accuracy, percentage:0.5% Bandwidth:16kHz Depth, external:228mm Inductance measuring ranges:200uH, 2mH, 20mH, 2H, 20H, 200H Length / Height, external:68mm Reading, display: Resistance measuring ranges:to
HM80214 - Hameg HM8021-4 Universal Counter, 0.1 Hz...1.6 GHz
HM8027 - Hameg HM8027 Distortion Meter
HM8037 - Hameg HM8037 Low Distortion Sinewave Generator, 5 Hz - 50 MHz
HM8040-3 - PSU, BENCH 3O/PPSU, BENCH 3O/P Current, output:0.5A Power rating:75W Voltage, output:20V Length / Height, external:68mm Width, external:135mm Depth, external:228mm Current, output 2:1A Power, output:25W Temp, op.
HM80403 - Hameg HM8040-3 Triple Power Supply, 2X20V/0.5A, 1X5V/1A
HM8123 - Hameg HM8123 3 GHz Universal Counter
HM81312 - Hameg HM8131-2 Function Generator, 100 mHz - 15 MHz
HM8143 - PSU, BENCH TOPPSU, BENCH TOP Voltage, output max:30V Current, output:2A Power rating:60W Voltage, supply:230V Voltage, output:30V Length / Height, external:75mm Width, external:285mm Depth, external:365mm Regulation, RoHS Compliant: Yes
HO88 - IEEE-488 Interface
HO89 - RS232 Interface
HZ15 - Hameg HZ15 Silicone Test Lead w/Test Probes and Sheathed Banana Plug, 40 (2 pcs.)
HZ154 - Hameg HZ154 Switchable Probe, 1:1/10:1 (100 MHz)
HZ16 - Hameg HZ16 Test Probe, Micro-Hook/BNC Male
HZ17 - Hameg HZ17 4-wire Test Lead w/Probe Tips
HZ20 - Hameg HZ20 BNC to 4mm Binding Post
HZ22 - Hameg HZ22 50 Ohm BNC (M/F) feed through termination
HZ24 - Hameg HZ24 Set of 4 BNC 50 Ohm Attenuators (3/6/10/20dB; 1GHz) + HZ22
HZ26 - Hameg HZ26 BNC Coaxial T-Adapter, UG274, 50 Ohm
HZ31 - Hameg HZ31 Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/BNC Elbow
HZ32 - Hameg HZ32 Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/Banana Plug
HZ33 - Hameg HZ33 Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/BNC Male, 20
HZ33 HZ34 - 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable BNC-BNC
HZ33S - Hameg HZ33S Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/BNC Male, 20, Insulated
HZ34 - Hameg HZ34 Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/BNC Male, 40
HZ34S - Hameg HZ34S Coaxial Cable, BNC Male/BNC Male, 40, Insulated
HZ42 - Hameg HZ42 19 Rack Mount Kit (for Modular Systems)
HZ43 - Hameg HZ43 19 Rack Mount Kit (for Flat Scopes and HM5000 Series)
HZ51 - Hameg HZ51 Modular Probe 10:1 (150 MHz)
HZ52 - Hameg HZ52 Modular Probe 10:1 HF (250 MHz)?
HZ520 - Hameg HZ520 BNC Antenna
HZ53 - Hameg HZ53 Modular Probe 100:1 (100 MHz)
HZ56 - Hameg HZ56 AC/DC Current Probe
HZ560 - Hameg HZ560 Transient Limiter
HZ70 - Optical Interface (RS232)
HZ72L - Hameg HZ72L IEEE 488 Bus Cable, 60
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