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A6T-110/220 - EE Tools UV EPROM Eraser with Timer Nine Device, Features: Double insulated plastic case design, h
A91A - AC adapter for input(120V, 60 Hz, 18W), output(9 VAC, 1A)Standard package includes this adapter( depends on countries)
Chipmax - Device Programmer for Parallel Port PC Interface
CM-4G - ChipMax 4-Gang adapter up to 32-pin DIP E(E)PROMs
EeROM-8U USB - 8-bit EPROM/In-Circuit Flash emulator up to 8M-45ns for USB port, Windows
HD1-32DP - Upto 32-pin E(E)PROM, Flash Memory in DIP package
HD1-32PL - All 32-pin E(E)PROM, Flash Memory in PLCC package
HD10-44PS - OKI R27V1602D/1652D
HD11-48TS - SAMSUNG NAND FLASH 128Mbit, KM29U128 , 48-pin TSOP package
HD12-44TS - SAMSUNG NAND FLASH 128Mbit, KM29U64000/32000/16000, 44-pin TSOP package
HD13-20DP - Atmel AT89C1051/2051 , 20-pin DIP package
HD13-20PS - Atmel AT89C1051/2051 , 20-pin PSOP package
HD14-40TS - AMD AM29LV002/4/8 , 40-pin TSOP package
HD15-18DP/PS - PIC16C83/84, 16F83/84, 16C6x/7x 28-pin DIP package
HD16-48UBGA - Intel GT28F160C3/320C3-B/T for 48-pin uBGA package
HD17-20SP - Philips 87CLPC762/764 for 20-SOP package
HD18-44TQ - MPU51(87C51/52,89C51/52), 44-pin TQFP package
HD2-48ST - Samsung Semi.KM5MU0820/1620 48-Pin STSOP package
HD20-44PL - ATMEL(AT27C800), ST(M27C800), 44-pin PLCC package
HD21-32TS - 32-pin E(E)PROM 32-pin TSOP package(20 mm)
HD22-44TQ - Lattice ispLSI2032VE, 44-pin TQFP package
HD23-32STS - 32-pin E(E)PROM 32-pin sTSOP package(14 mm)
HD24-48FBGA - Samsung K8D1616U(B/T), 48-pin BGA package
HD3-48TS - AMD(29Fx00), MACRONIX(29f1610/1611), Intel(28Fx00B3), 48-Pin TSOP package
HD4-44PS - AMD(29Fx00),Intel(28Fx00), Macronix 29F004 44-pin PSOP package
HD5-48DP - 16-bit E(E)PROM, upto 42-pin DIP package
HD6-40DP - MPU51(87C51/52,89C51/52), 40-pin DIP package
HD7-44PL - 16-bit E(E)PROM, 27c1024/27c4096/29c1024,44-pin PLCC package
HD8-44PL - MPU51(87C51/52,89C51/52), 44-pin PLCC package
HD9-20PL - GAL 16V8 20-pin PLCC package
HD9-24DP - GAL 16V8 24-pin DIP package
MegaMax - Universal Device Programmer For Engineers, Scientists, and Technical Professionals
MegaMax-4G - Universal programmer(one-48 & three-32 pin ZIF sockets), Programs E(E)PROM, Flash EPROMs,Microcontrollers, EPLDs and GALs. Supports parallel port, Includes 6¡¯ Parallel cable, AC Transformer & Modules 01,02 (total 5 lbs)
MM-xx - Proper Module numbers are indicated in MegaMax(-4G) software. Each module in combined ¡°A¡± and ¡°B¡± side. Also special modules can be displayed ¡°A¡± side only.Order Illustration: ¡°MM-05¡± is for module number 5 for MegaMax(-4G)
PS572412V1-230-206 - AC adapter for input(230V, 50Hz, 0.17A), output(12 VAC, 2A)Standard package includes this adapter( depends on countries)
ROMMAX - Device Programmer
ROMMAX-4G - Device Programmer
SIMMAX 11 - EE Tools SimMax II Universal Memory Tester with 72 Pin Adaptor, Features: Automatic module identif
SM-168-3.3V - IC Sockets Adapter
SM-168B-5V - IC Sockets Adapter
TM-8G-DP - TopMax 8-gang (32-pin DIP) adapter for E(E)PROM
TM-8G-HD - TopMax 8-Gang base with 8 slots to fit 4-HEADs makes 8-Gnag Programmer( ref. to TopMax 8-Gang adapter list)
TM-8G-PL - TopMax 8-gang (32-pin PLCC) adapter for E(E)PROM
TM-8GANG - TopMax 8-Gang Universal Programmer includes TM-8G-HD(not includes TM-A48), need to add socket HEADs
TM-A48 - This model is for TM-8GANG to work as universal programmer for all devices listed in TopMax library. Standard TopMax includes TM-A48
TopMax - Universal Device Programmer & IC Tester, Supports Parallel Port w/ built-in AC (110-240) Power Supply, includes TM-A48 (48-pin DIP socket), True universal pin driver, On-board FPGA, 6¡¯ Printer Cable. Made in USA (total 4.0 lbs).
WAP-091A-230-206 - AC adapter for input(230V, 50Hz, 15W), output(9VAC, 1A)Standard package includes this adapter( depends on countries)
WP572412-206 - AC adapter for input(120V, 60Hz, 46W), output(12 VAC, 2A)Standard package includes this adapter( depends on countries)
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