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9370010 - Frontera Wall-Mount Bracket. Frontera Wall-Mount Bracket Kit
9380413 - Frontera V.35 Cable. 10 ft., V.35 DTE Cable
9380418 - Frontera V.35 Cable. 10 ft., V.35 DCE Cable.
CBE-002-75015 - PSX. Spare Broadband Cable
CBE-002-75150 - Frontera Coax Cable. 15ft., DS3 Coax Cable
CBE-010-00001 - 3600. T1 Network Interface Cable
CBE-010-00002 - 1500. DNS Series CRT/Printer Cable
CBE-010-00003 - OT1E1. RJ-48C to DB-15 T1 M-M Cable
CBE-010-00005 - 3600. Converter DNS CRT/Printer Cable
CBE-010-56001 - OT1E1. RJ-48C/45 to RJ-48C/45 T1/DDS M-M Cable
CBE-010-80810 - XLC. X-Link Cables (10 Foot)
CBE-010-80820 - XLC. X-Link Cables (20 Foot)
CBE-011-00001 - Frontera Data Cable. 15ft., RJ-48C to RJ-48C DS1 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-011-00002 - 1500. DNS Series Modem Cable
CBE-011-00003 - OT1E1. RJ-48C to DB-15 T1 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-020-00135 - 1500. V.35 Straight Through Cable
CBE-020-00235 - TAM. DB-25 to ITU-V.35 M-M Cable
CBE-020-00449 - TAM. DB-25 to EIA-422/449 M-F Cable
CBE-020-00530 - TAM. DB-25 to EIA-530 M-M Cable
CBE-020-01449 - TAM. DB-25 to EIA-422/449 M-M Cable
CBE-020-05909 - PSX. Spare Controller (to SMC-II) Cable
CBE-020-10235 - TAM. DB-25 to ITU-V.35 M-F Cable
CBE-021-00135 - 1500. V.35 Crossover Cable
CBE-021-00235 - TAM. DB-25 to ITU-V.35 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-021-00449 - TAM. DB-25 to EIA-422/449 M-F Crossover Cable
CBE-021-00530 - TAM. DB-25 to EIA-530 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-024-15021 - HSSD. HSSD ITU-X.21/27 M-M Cable
CBE-024-15035 - HSSD. HSSD ITU-V.35 M-M Cable: 15FT Long
CBE-024-15135 - HSSD. HSSD ITU-V.35 M-F Cable
CBE-024-15232 - HSSD. HSSD EIA-232 M-M Cable
CBE-024-15422 - 15-foot micro D-26 (male) to DB-37 (male) cable assembly used in conjunction with the High-Speed Data Interface module for EIA-422 (ISO-449 and ISO-4902) DCE-to-DTE applications
CBE-024-15530 - HSSD. HSSD EIA-530 M-M Cable
CBE-024-15531 - HSSD. HSSD EIA-530-A M-M Cable
CBE-025-15035 - HSSD. HSSD ITU-V.35 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-025-15422 - 15-foot micro D-26 (male) to DB-37 (male) cable assembly used in conjunction with the High-Speed Data Interface module for EIA-422 (ISO-449 and ISO-4902) DCE-to-DTE applications
CBE-025-15530 - HSSD. HSSD EIA-530 M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-025-15531 - HSSD. HSSD EIA-530-A M-M Crossover Cable
CBE-048-00537 - Frontera Mini Patch Panel. SHDSL RJ-11 Mini Patch Panel
CBE-048-00538 - Frontera T1/E1 Adapter. T1/E1 Adapter - RJ-48M to 8xRJ-48C T1/E1 F-F Harmonica
CBE-048-45806 - OT1E1. RJ-48M to 8xRJ-48C T1/E1 F-F Harmonica
CBE-048-50015 - OT1E1. RJ-48M to Bare Wire T1/E1/DS0-DP Punchdown Cable
CBE-048-50501 - PSX. Spare Narrowband Cable
CBE-048-50515 - Frontera Telco Cable. 15ft., RJ-48M to RJ-48M T1/E1 M-M Telco Cable
CBE-048-50848 - OT1E1. 50 Pin Telco to 8 Individual RJ-48C
CBE-048-64250 - OT1E1. Balun 64 Pin to 2 - 50 Pin Telco M-M Cable
CBE-050-21625 - SMC-II. Local Audio Alarm
CBE-076-00911 - Adapter. DB-25M/DB-15F Adapter - Circuit
CBE-076-01272 - Adapter. DB-25M/M-34F Adapter - USM/Circuit
CBE-076-01274 - Adapter. DB-25F/M-34M Adapter - Circuit
CBE-076-02034 - Adapter. DB-25M/M-34M Adapter - USM/Circuit
CBE-076-02121 - Adapter. Patch Cord - 6 Foot (1.83 m)
CBE-076-02127 - Accessories. Patch Cord - 6 Foot (1.83 m) - Spectron
CBE-076-02139 - Facilitates patch cavity to test device connection. 6 foot (1.83 m).
CBE-076-02145 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-25M, Spectron
CBE-076-02151 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/M-34M
CBE-076-02157 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/M-34M, Spectron
CBE-076-02163 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-15M
CBE-076-02169 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-15M, Spectron
CBE-076-02591 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-25F
CBE-076-02597 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-15F
CBE-076-03050 - Accessories. Loop Back Plug Kit
CBE-076-03081 - Adapter. DB-25M/DB-15M Adapter - Circuit
CBE-076-03171 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-25F, Spectron
CBE-076-03172 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/M-34F
CBE-076-03173 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/M-34F, Spectron
CBE-076-03174 - Accessories. Test Cord - Patch/DB-15F, Spectron
CBE-076-03304 - Accessories. Spare Control Cable (Serial)
CBE-076-03305 - Accessories. Spare Control Cable (10BaseT)
CBE-076-03408 - Accessories. Spare Terminal Interface Adapter
CBE-076-03409 - Accessories. Spare Modem Interface Adapter
CBE-076-03449 - Accessories. Spare External Alarm Adapter
CBE-076-12121 - Accessories. Patch Cord - 3 Foot (0.915 m)
CBE-076-30553 - Inserted in patch cavity, plug loops back RS-530 signals.
CBK-001-10002 - SMC-IIa/SMC-II/SMC. Spare Terminal Cable/Adapter Kit
CBK-001-10113 - 3600. PBX Connection Kit
CBK-006-07248 - VAC to VDC. VAC to VDC Power Supply (1.5A)
CBK-016-00011 - Craft Port Cable. DNX-1u Craft Port Cable Kit - Spare
CBK-016-21048 - Power. DNX-1u Dual External AC Power Supply
CBK-052-12509 - Adapter. DB-25M/DB-9F Adapter - USM
CBK-052-12511 - Adapter. DB-25M/RJ-11F Adapter - USM
CBK-052-12515 - Adapter. DB-25M/DB-15F Adapter - USM
CBK-052-12545 - Adapter. DB-25M/RJ-45F Adapter - USM
CDR-100-02811 - Frontera Product Manual. Access Gateways Product Documentation CD-ROM
CDR-100-03993 - PSX. DNX Family Product Documentation CD-ROM
CDR-100-03994 - Product Manual. "Test Access, Routers, Customer Premise, and Patch Product Documentation CD-ROM"
CON-050-25035 - 2500/2510. V.35 Transition Hood
FAS-9150 - T1/FT1 network interface Ethernet 10 Base T port RJ-45. One serial DCE, DB25 port, RS232/530/V.35 dip switch-selectable. Management via direct terminal or telnet, through integral WEB browser software and/or integral SNMP agent for 3rd party management. Statistics on 15-minute intervals for 24 hours in daily averages for 7 days
MAK-001-03000 - 2500/2510. Flush 19" or 23" Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-001-03600 - 3600. DNS 3600 Flush 19" Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-01017 - DNX-4/11. DNX Blank Bezel - Interface Module/SMC II (Rear)
MAK-006-01018 - DNX-4/11. DNX Blank Bezel - SMC Interface Module (Rear)
MAK-006-01923 - DNX-11. DNX-11 Flush 23" EIA Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-04000 - DNX-4. DNX-4 Flush 19" EIA Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-11002 - DNX-11/4. DNX-11 Fan Replacement Kit
MAK-006-11006 - DNX-11. Blank Power Supply Bezel Kit, 11 Slot Chassis
MAK-006-11014 - DNX-11. DNX-11 Center 19" EIA Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-11015 - DNX-11. DNX-11 Center 19" Telco Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-11016 - DNX-11. DNX-11 Center 23" Telco Rack Mount Adapter Kit
MAK-006-11017 - DNX-4/11. DNX Blank Bezel - Application Module (Front)
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